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Mindful Monkey Education

Are you passionate about the social and emotional wellbeing of your students?
Would you like to give them (AND YOU!) a break with a toolbox of calming strategies and ways to regulate their emotions?

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Meet the Mindful Monkey!

In her 90 min incursion (with her friends Breathing Bobby, Emotional Eric and Sensory Sally), she will teach you and your students mindful exercises that are LIFESAVERS in the classroom!
She will also leave you with a Teacher Resource Pack giving you the skills to implement these exercises weeks and months after your incursion.

How Does It Work?

  1. Mindful Monkey Workshop (90 mins)
    Meet the Mindful Monkey and his friends!
    Practise Mindul Brain Breaks
    Make Mindful Monkey Sock Puppets
  2. Resource Pack
    Your one-stop Mindfulness Toolbox! Mindful Brain Breaks, Class Charts, lesson plans, stickers and Puppet posters Continue practising mindfulness with your students for the WHOLE YEAR!

Who's The Monkey?

  • Donna (but don’t tell the students that!)
  • a VIT-registered primary teacher with seven years classroom teaching experience
  • a Mindful Educator completer with Mindful Schools
  • a performer
  • a puppeteer
  • a lover of meditation, yoga and mindfulness practice

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Why Mindfulness?

Through practising mindfulness students are:
  • ready to learn
  • have an increase in EMPATHY,
  • SELF-AWARENESS and EMOTIONAL REGULATION – this part of their brain grows BIGGER through the practice of mindfulness!
  • able to find peace and calm in a world saturated with media and technology

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