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Breathing Bobby

Reinforces the concept of using deep-breathing when feeling uncomfortable emotions through an engaging and memorable character. Students can never be reminded of this enough!

Breathing Bobby grew up by the ocean. His friends asked him why he was always so chill and he realised it was because his breath always flowed strong and deep like the smooth flow of the waves. He watched people getting angry, frustrated and stressed around him and discovered that his breath was his own secret weapon. He has now become a 'Breath Expert' and is a master of all types of breathing. He always loves to share his skills with his new friends.

Emotional Eric

Explores how different emotions look and feel through interactive exercises, teaches students about naming their emotions and introduces the 3-step process: Stop, Name your Emotion, Choose Your Action.

Ever since Emotional Eric can remember he has been obsessed with the world of emotions. He loves to feel every emotion: anger, sadness. pride, joy, anxiety, surprise, playfulness because it reminds him that he is alive! When he was a very young monkey he realised that not everyone could describe how they were feeling like he could and saw that some monkeys got stuck in their monkey minds with repetitive, difficult emotions. Being full of warmth and compassion Eric decided to teach people to recognise emotions in their bodies like him and treat their emotions like friends instead of enemies.

Sensory Sally

Through a combination of dialogue and interactive exercises Sensory Sally explores the concept of using our senses to help ourselves calm down and to stop and get more enjoyment out of life.

Sensory Sally loves the finer things in life. Growing up she had Super Senses that her parents never quite understood. They were always calling for her to hurry up as she lay staring at the beautiful patterns in a leaf or smelling a new type of flower. She was an expert on all different types of bird calls by the time she four, and always eats every meal slowly and carefully with a huge smile on her face. She gets very excited about training young Mindful Masters to use their Super Senses!

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